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Confused by all the SEO offers flooding your mailbox and inbox? Still struggling to get your business listed on page 1 of Google? We can help, without the hype.

You may have a great website but if no one can find you, you’re sunk! Chances are your website isn’t optimized for local online marketing and people simply can’t find you. They’re forced to go to your competitor’s online advertising instead.

Here’s the good news – to be optimized for local online marketing and show up on page 1 in Google’s online advertising results, it doesn’t take months or years. In as little as 60 days your website can appear for your top search phrase on page one in the Google map. Really – only 60 days! All for less than the price of a Yellow Page ad. To gain traction you must have your Google Plus page optimized.

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Here’s what one of my clients had to say:

“When we first started working with Beth Gabriel our web rankings were way off of page one… more like the fifth page. She immediately gave us lots of ideas and a plan of action. We went right up from there to page one and it’s been great since then. She’s constantly monitoring our results and making things better…” Dr. Ryan, Dentist

When your business is listed in the Google map, Google makes it really easy for new customers to find and contact you. Chances are, if you’re not listed here, your potential customers are clicking on your competition’s ads!

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That’s where my team comes in. We do extensive research in your local market and develop a 3 step complete action plan with the best keyword phrases that people are actually searching for right now. Then we go to work to get your business on page 1 in the Google map. You know exactly what we’re doing every step of the way to build your online and offline business.

You may be wondering… will this work for my business, in my city, in my category? Yes, yes and yes. Call me and we’ll set up a free consultation and I’ll personally develop a plan of action for your business to get real results. Wouldn’t you like an endless supply of new customers beating a path to your door?

If you’d like to get started now, call us at (507) 250-6018 or email Beth. Isn’t it time you showed your competition who’s boss!