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Online Video

Online video is the fastest, cheapest advertising tool that you as a business owner have available today! Google loves video. And when a video is ‘deemed worthy’ (optimized correctly), Google rewards your business by positioning your video (with a thumbnail picture too) on page one in the natural search!

Online Video

What’s so great about a video thumbnail?

People are 50 times more likely to click on the video thumbnail of your business video than a plain text listing. Now you’ll notice there are lots of videos out on YouTube. Tons of videos. But 99% of those videos never make it to Google’s page one for natural search. They only appear on YouTube and never go anywhere else. Why? Most people don’t know how to optimize video for online advertising. Fortunately for my clients, I do and their videos consistently show up on page one of Google for all their top keyword phrases bringing them new customers.

A second amazing thing about video is that it can appear in the natural search listings in a matter of days. DAYS! Not months, but days. Nothing else can get you onto the first page of Google faster than video!

There are two kinds of videos that your business needs – Branding Videos and Content Videos

Branding Online Video

Branding videos are short, fast paced and grab your viewers attention.

In and out in less than 2 minutes. One minute is often best.

They accomplish 3 things as they tell your story:

1. who you are

2. what you have to offer (and why they should care)

3. how to contact you

This is a sample Branding Video. You can see more here: http://gabrielblueocean.com/brandingonlinevideo.html

Content Online Video

Content Videos are usually longer than branding videos short and give the viewer (your future customer) valuable unique information that they can find nowhere else on the internet.

Three to five minutes is the video length I find best.

Content videos accomplish 3 things as they share valuable information:

1. establish you as the expert authority

2. build trust

3. how to contact you for further information

This is a sample Content Video.  You can see more here: http://gabrielblueocean.com/contentonlinevideo.html

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